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    A website with a lot of literature on sindh and sindhudesh.

    Download the pdf books on sindhudesh movement.

    Religion and Reality - In this book saeen GM sayed, the prophet of sindh, the father of sindhi nationalism, views that all religions are void and invalid in present era of science technology. This book was banned by pakistani state, because it is anti islam and anti pakistan - Saeen GM was awarded death panelty by the court of law in pakistan, on account of writing this book.

    The Case of Sindh - G M Syed's deposition to the court. A comprehensive study of Sindh's case. A detailed argument showing how the Pakistani establishment has exploited Sindh and Sindhis.

    A Nation in Chains
    A thesis presenting social, political, economic and philosophical arguments supporting the formation of 'Sindhudesh' - a separate homeland for Sindhis. This book was first published in 1974. It laid the foundation for the Sindhi freedom movement.

    A study of Sindh's distinct identity through the ages. An alternative investigation of the history of Sindh. An argument against the so-called 'Two-Nation Theory' that was used for justifying division of India.

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