Gilgit Baltistan protest march. Calls on India to help

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    The constitutional package was as late as 2009.

    Anyway each to his opinion as not much studies are available on the GB areas.

    IMO they are still more pro-Pakistani than Indian..and even if they are pro-Indian their numbers are far too less to sucessfully conduct a insurgency...the Panjabi army would just unleash its Lashkar this, Jaish that, Sipah them etc on these people and there would be only one result...complete destruction.
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    Gilgit-Baltistan comprises seven districts within two divisions of areas administered by Pakistan. The two districts of Skardu and Ghanche are in the Baltistan Division, and the five districts of Diamir, Ghizar, Gilgit, Astore (which was carved out of the Diamir District in 2004)and Hunza-Nagar which was carved out of Gilgit District are in the Gilgit Division.

    The sect-wise breakdown of population in the Northern Areas is:

    Gilgit – 60% Shia, 40% Sunni;

    Hunza –100% Ismaili;

    Nagar – 100% Shia;

    Punial – 100% Ismaili;

    Yasin – 100% Ismaili;

    Ishkoman –100% Ismaili;

    Gupis – 100% Ismaili;

    Chilas – 100% Sunni;

    Darel/Tangir – 100% Sunni;

    Astor – 90%Sunni, 10% Shia;

    Baltistan – 98% Shia, 2% Sunni.

    Sectarian Violence

    Since 1988, the Northern Areas has witnessed sectarian violence that has claimed a number of lives. Unlike the rest of Pakistan, the Northern Areas have a Shia majority. The Pakistani establishment has long supported an anti-Shia programme in this region. A local insurrection broke out in Gilgit in May 1988 and in order to suppress the rebellion, the Special Services Group of the Pakistani Army based in Khapalu was dispatched. Pervez Musharraf, then a young Brigadier, was in charge of the operations, in which Musharraf used Sunni tribal irregulars to execute a brutal pogrom against the locals. Truckloads of Sunni tribals were sent in from the Afghan border to the region, and they indulged in anti-Shia brutalities unprecedented in Pakistan’s history. After eight days of ceaseless violence, the Army ‘stepped in’ to restore peace. Later on, the Shia population was further alarmed when large numbers of Sunnis were brought in from Punjab and the NWFP to settle down in Gilgit, radically altering the demographic profile of the area.

    The anti-Shia pogrom resurfaced in 1993, when sectarian riots started again in Gilgit, leading to the death of 20 Shias. The ill-fated Kargil intrusions of 1999 into the Indian State of Jammu & Kashmir added to the discontent in the region. 73 per cent of the Northern Light Infantry (NLI) of the Pakistan Army, which was primarily used for these incursions and suffered the maximum casualties, is drawn from the Shia sect hailing primarily from the Northern Areas. The Shia soldiers were pushed into the suicidal mission, and later reportedly disowned by their own Army.

    Year 2003 saw trouble brewing in the Northern Areas over the Islamic textbooks that the Pakistan Ministry of Education has issued as part of the curriculum for the schools in the region. According to Shia community leaders, the textbooks promote Sunni thought and values and are an attempt to promote sectarian hatred between the two sects. Almost everyday, hundreds of primary and secondary school students boycott classes and stage protest rallies in Gilgit.
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    Our main stream media never highlights the issues in GB. They are only concerned about Kashmir valley. We need to start thinking of GB and northern areas as part of our nation. That would atleast put them into a defensive position, where they will try to protect whatever they have.
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    Our media is only concerned when those pakistan hired stone pelters come into action

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