GHQ owes CDA Rs.1bn: Chairman CDA

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    ISLAMABAD: GHQ has been found to be a defaulter of 1 billion rupees of Federal Capital’s development department CDA.:lol::lol::lol::lol: The National University of Science and Technology owes the same amount where as a building project, Centaurus currently under construction, owes CDA 4 billion rupees reported by Geo News.

    Addressing a press conference in Islamabad Chairman CDA, Engineer Farkhand Iqbal said that if the dues are paid it will help in minimizing the fininacial problems of the department.

    He further said that some forces are trying to hinder the work by defaming CDA but he will continue his efforts.

    The Chairman said that auction process of 12 Blue Area plots is transparent and further development on the matter will take place when the PM returns home. He informed that the CDA has decided to build a 25-storey plaza in the future.

    GHQ owes CDA Rs.1bn: Chairman CDA -

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