Ghar wapsi in Punjab? RSS converts Christians to Sikhism, raises Akali

Discussion in 'Politics & Society' started by hit&run, Dec 26, 2014.

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    ^This is what I said in an other thread. Though the discussion was twiddling towards the Deras but I should have mentioned about BJP/RSS bringing-in their clout in other areas and possibly encroaching into vacuums left by indifferent Sikh groups.

    Sikh and Sikh political parties have been struggling with Sikhs converting to Christianity for many many years in Punjab. It is not a hidden fact that the rise of these Deras are adding more to the injury inflicted by missionaries. Not only that It can be seen as a theological irritant as well because Sikhs value the believe to be better than Hinduism.

    Having said that, my purpose of opening this thread is not that I am being over enthusiastic about this news as some good point scoring done by Hindu organizations because I can presume what kind of response will rightly come from Sikh groups. I am well aware that the credibility of groups like RSS in Punjab is a suspect and they have been going outside their scope of practice by interfering in the matters of Sikhs.

    The larger discussion should be about understanding of socio-political and religious nitti-gritty of Punjab as it is happening, understanding reasons behind (few I can identify) such erratic changes, latent conflicts and its implications.

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