getting serious about our military acquisitions

Discussion in 'Strategic Forces' started by roma, Aug 15, 2009.

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    Aug 10, 2009
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    Standing up to China is distant unless the politicians wake up. Till then, its nothing but a web of illusions. The day we get serious about our military acquisitions, instead of blacklisting almost every firm in the world, China's efforts of dominance in South Asia would stand thwarted.
    Another interesting commment in reply to one of my threads ....which i think is worthy of being a new threasd
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    Aug 12, 2009
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    i am new here so my knowledge is not great,but didnt we just send troops and planes to dont we buy from the british/france/russia/israel and now america ,not many countrys can say that.i can understand your frustrations as every thing seems to happen at a snails pace in india,but fear not a our defence spending is rising by 35p/c this year and i can assure you in the current ecconomic climate.its pretty amazing stuff as evey other country is on it arse. belive me when i say a marker has been put down and all the talk of peace our leaders speak of is what you need to say when you undertake the monumental job of equipping our troops to face the threats of talk peace and then buy the best hard ware money can buy without causing many ripples.otherwise you find countrys not to keen to do bussiness with you
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    roma, what do mongolians feel about China? How do they view the rapid Chinese growth, and how are their relations with Russia compared to China?

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