German blow to EU action against China

Discussion in 'China' started by t_co, May 28, 2013.

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    German blow to EU action against China -

    Nicely done, Mr. Premier. This will not only weaken the near-term tactical threat to Chinese trade, but also the long-term threat of Obama's TPP + Transatlantic FTA ideas.

    For all Indian DFIers, pay attention - this is how to conduct international relations. India, by comparison, has no way to coordinate all its levers of influence - diplomatic, military, and economic - to work in concert and exert focused pressure on the right spots in dealing with other global powers.

    Right now China knows the EU is facing major internal fractures over member states' unwillingness to obey Brussels over the banking crisis. Hence, Beijing has made it clear to Brussels that pushing on China will mean that China starts chipping away at the already-fractured political unity of the EU - basically hitting the EU where it hurts the most, and directly threatening the livelihoods of the bureaucrats at the heart of the Europe. This is power politics at the grandmaster level.

    By contrast, India can't even deal with Italy.
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    Before making pre-judicial statements about one's effectiveness, why not wait it out for a little more to see through the decision?

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