German airforce grounds Eurofighters over glitch

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    Experts from the air force, or Luftwaffe, were working with manufacturers to sort out the issue after it was discovered that the seats' operation could not be guaranteed under certain conditions, the spokesman added.

    The Luftwaffe has 55 Eurofighters, built by European aerospace group EADS. The ministry said it was not clear when they would return to active service.

    U.S.-built Phantom jets had been mobilised to ensure monitoring of Germany's airspace while the Eurofighters are grounded, the spokesman added.

    Fighter jets are dispatched in Germany in under 15 minutes if a civilian aircraft loses contact with ground control, diverts from its flight path, or enters restricted airspace.

    (Reporting Sabine Siebold; Writing by Brian Rohan; Editing by David Holmes)

    German airforce grounds Eurofighters over glitch | Reuters

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