Gay rights- where is your country on it?

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    This post about an Indian American kid caught up in a prank on his gay roommate at the university, being inexcusable- got me thinking with some replies in there and quite frankly also in other postings on PDF of bashing gays- on what is the general public stance in ones country on this issue i.e. I was wondering where your respective countries where on Gays rights.

    To think your country does not have gays amongst its doctors, scientist, military professional is naive. But I'd also like to know how sure are you of your perceived moral superiority in your said countries?

    Why if you are anti-gays, do you not see it as human rights? A gay couple - how do they affect your married life or sexual orientation? If they are willing to die to defend your country, if they willing to be doctors to save your life...then were is the moral fortitude in bashing that group?

    @ MODS: Do I have your permission to show factual links about every countries moral standard because thats the no1 claim to being against it. I want to fair and open in the debate.

    What is really disturbing to me is all this hate has a country( Uganda) that is going give death sentences to people for just being gay ! -

    "Kill the Gays" Bill Nears Vote
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    ^^ I believe it would be better to show the legal status of LGBT issues in various countries. Moral standards are hardly yhe same across he geogrpahic expanse of a nation. Legal statues are.

    How does one benchmark "every countries moral standards" anyway?
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    North Carolina, USA

    Life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

    If these are the rights of man (all men and women) , what, then are "Gay rights" you want to discuss?
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    I think being happy is better than being gay!

    If it is the modern term for homosexuality, no matter what law was or is there, it is said to been prevalent, but it was done in privacy.

    Now that there has been a Delhi court ruling on the law, I believe the vocal expression has become public though I wonder if the physical expression has been exhibited openly.

    The Indian societal psyche has still a long way to go before such an act of intimacy becomes socially acceptable.

    Notwithstanding, the Indian society has been quite permissive and none actually cared so long as it was not told to them.
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