Gawd!: Passport-tearing at Indian Airports- Beware!

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    Yet another scheme by Indian officials foiled.

    You are under obligation to bring this to the notice of everyone you know....and to bring the motherfvcking house down on those pigs via the print media.


    Passport Page Tearing at Indian Airports....Read it Carefully.!!!

    I received this via email and thought it'd be useful to know. Read on...

    This applies specifically to Citizens of Indian origin, Overseas Indian Citizens, NRI's, etc.

    Be Careful at Indian Airports. There is a well organized conspiracy by corrupt members of the Indian Immigration, Police, Customs officials and low life 'Air India' staff to rip pages off passports of unsuspecting Indian-origin people and cause them trouble. With networking at all Indian International Airports, Immigration/ Customs staff pretend to check passports and if, by chance, visitors have not attended their sight on them, remove/tamper with a visa or other page on your passport to put you in trouble when you return after completion of your India visit.

    This is how it works:

    At the time of the passenger's departure, if the passenger is not looking at an officer involved in the scheme while he is stamping your exit, the officer cleverly tears away one of the pages from your passport. The unsuspecting passenger leaves the immigration counter, even while the case is reported on his computer terminal with full details. These details are relayed via the centralized security network to installations all over India, where a red flag flashes beside your passport no. on account of the indiscretion.

    On arrival the next time, the customer is detained and interrogated.

    Subject to the passenger's period of stay, his income and standing etc., the price to get rid of the < problem > is settled by the police and Immigration. If someone argues, his future is spoiled squat because the dogged officials refuse to do anything unless a small 'fee' is paid. The 'fee' varies from anything between a few thousand to a few lakh rupees, depending on income and status.

    Please be advised: beware upon your arrival at an Indian airport, be constantly alert of your baggage and procedures, and documentation after each. Please alert every passenger you know to be just as careful, and to bring the matter to the notice of the airport manager or the consulate of your country of residence, if this does happen. Be wary of diversions, for sometimes officials operate hand in glove with others, and above all, be under no pretenses that honesty is the way to get justice in India....

    Also, please pass this on to all friends, family and media men. Your local MLA may sometimes help you, although there is never a guarantee. The rate of occurrence is high: some 20-30 cases every month: that's one unsuspecting passenger a day. And that passenger could well be YOU, your family member or a friend.

    The conspiracy started more than a year ago, but is only now being unearthed. Be vigilant at all times, and above all make sure this is heard.

    Lovingly yours,
    Dr. Bukul Sanghani
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    Moral in Indians are almost absent, I have no doubt on that.
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    Damn Right. You should see the HeadLine Today expose on BOMB squad suit tender given away without testing by corrupt police officials, post 26/11.

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