Gang rape in India, routine and invisible

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    Gang rape in India, routine and invisible - The Times of India

    here are some "highlights"

    . Prey had been spotted, he told a friend. When the host asked what they were going to hunt, he said, "A beautiful deer."

    Two hours later, a 22-year-old photojournalist limped out of a ruined building. She had been raped repeatedly by five men,

    None of their previous victims had gone to the police. Why should this one?

    The trial in the Mumbai gang-rape case has opened to a drowsy and ill-attended courtroom,
    ( my comments :- perhaps because it's just another case ? )

    But the Mumbai case provides an unusual glimpse into a group of bored young men who had committed the same crime often enough to develop a routine. The police say the men had committed at least five rapes in the same spot.

    One problem is that perpetrators may not view their actions as a grave crime, but something closer to mischief.

    Flavia Agnes, a Mumbai women's rights lawyer who has been working on rape cases since the 1970s, said the findings rang true to her experience....."It's just frivolous; they just do it casually," she said. "There is so much abject poverty. They just want to have a little fun on the side. That's it. See, they have nothing to lose."

    At last they brought her out, weeping, and told the two to leave along the railroad tracks. Before releasing her, they threatened to upload video of the attack onto the Internet if she reported the crime, a strategy that had worked with previous victims.

    my observation :- NDTV ran a story with more or less the same content but quoted New York Times as the source :-

    there is also a lot of similar stories in the bbc's webpages
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