Galle Dialogue defence forum in Sri Lanka to focus on maritime trends

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    Galle Dialogue defense forum in Sri Lanka to focus on maritime trends in the Indian Ocean

    Nov 20, Colombo: Sri Lanka, being an important player and stakeholder with its strategic location, will examine the emerging trends in the Indian Ocean at annual international maritime security conference this year.

    "Galle Dialogue 2013", the fourth annual maritime security conference organized by the Sri Lanka Navy under the aegis of the Ministry of Defence, and Urban Development will be held on 25th and 26th November at the Light House Hotel in the historic southern port city of Galle.

    The two-day conference under the theme "Emerging Maritime Trends in the Indian Ocean" will bring together local and foreign scholars and experts in maritime and naval affairs representing 35 countries to share their views.

    The forum will focus on examining the emerging trends in the Indian Ocean which have potentials to destabilize the regional peaceful coexistence as well as promote interdependency which stabilize the coexistence.

    The trends, according to the organizers, are far-flung with commerce, trade, resources, legal, security, sovereignty and threats and involve many stakeholders.

    Securing the sea lines of communication (SLOC) in the Indian Ocean from threats poses a challenge while the region as an entity is prone to many other non-traditional threats now prevailing in the region.

    Commander of the Sri Lanka Navy, Vice Admiral Jayanath Colombage will welcome the attendees and Secretary of Defense, Gotabhaya Rajapaksa will deliver the keynote address at the inaugural session. During the first session, Secretary to the President, Lalith Weeratunga will also address the gathering.

    The "Galle Dialogue" initiative, inaugurated in 2010, created a forum to discuss and exchange views on regional maritime security concerns.

    Sri Lanka : Galle Dialogue defense forum in Sri Lanka to focus on maritime trends in the Indian Ocean


    SL is the sentinel of the Indian Ocean and should be the policeman of the sea from the Gulf of Aden till the South China Sea to project itself strategic influence that geography has vested in her.

    The Sri Lankan Navy or Sri Lanka Navika Hamudawa consists of 4 offshore patrol vessels, 2 missile boats, 12 patrol boats, 6 landing ships/craft and a large number of littoral craft, along with 6 auxiliary vessels.

    With that it does indicate the prowess that is best exhibited at conference tables.

    Notwithstanding, they have more Naval Commands than India.

    They have

    Six Naval Area Commands (see image to the right)

    Northern Naval Area (NNA)
    North Central Naval Area (NCNA)
    North Western Naval Area (NWNA)
    Western Naval Area (WNA)
    Southern Naval Area (SNA)
    Eastern Naval Area (ENA)

    Each represent by a solitary boat?
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    Re: Galle Dialogue defence forum in Sri Lanka to focus on maritime tre

    India is for sure going to sorely miss the ThirikoNamalai Harbour. the Chinese have already bagged the Hambanthotta. We supported the wrong side in a war and now are finding the winner in the wrong side of our strategic equations!!

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