Future of Pakistan

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    Future of Pakistan

    Pakistan has been making lot of military purchases(fighters, re-fuelers, AWACs, subs, ships, tanks and missile etc) which are not in proportion of its budget. This has been going on for last many years, not only that it has increased its nukes to almost 100 and have plans for even higher numbers.

    Now the question is, at one point of time or the other Pakistan has no other option but to go, on war with India or else its military budget and military assets would be useless. India on the other hand due to high foreign exchange reserves and growing economy can afford all the toys it plans to buy.

    Next ten years are important in this regard as some on is going to made the same stupid mistake in pakistan as made by Mushi.

    What you guys think.
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    war is not an option for them..they dont even have money to sustain war as they rely on US aid ...
    They are like a dying star which will explode and form Black hole of terrorism..
    **ready with popcorns to witness the grand debacle**
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    pak generals are not stupid to go on war with india directly . they know whats paksitan`s credibility in international world so thats why they would depend upon their so called startegic (liability)assets i.e LeT AND all their sister organistion.pak generals cannot pick up fight with india on kashmir issue because it wont be able to sell that in world in future.

    pak generals would try to use more of 26/11 type attacks and would project this act as an work doned by disgusted indian(probably muslims) by using more india or getting their trained terrorist to get killed in operations and minmizeing leaks durning such operatios.

    india should invest more in human+technological intelligenec viz pakistan+china . depending upon america for intelligence gathering is dangerous specially aganist pakistan

    i only see water as excuse used by pakistan in future for war if they cannot get any other valid reason
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    Land of the GODS - "Dev Bhomi".
    I think saya the catch is to not let them go completely hopeless, which I think is what the Americans are doing with all that aid money flowing in, which also is an attempt to keep them in their loop of influence.

    Give them a reason to fear, create so much instability within that if and when they think of going to war with india they fear the whole country’s disintegration.

    Ideally what really suits us, given the nukes they possess, I would imagine is a country which somehow clings on in a hope for a better tomorrow but remains sucked-in in a never ending mess which can all be controlled, sustained, funded.

    Now this is also a nation which when going gets tough and survival is at stake, they get to blackmailing and the blackmail is such that they do it with a pistol on their forehead and here we need to call their bluff at some point and at that point in time take them head on but one would imagine with the economic growth we are looking at and for, with a neighbor like china on the other side which is to become the leading economy in another 15odd years and a military might in another few decades, such a thing is best avoidable.

    Better would be to pit iran/Afghanistan against Pakistan which keeps these people preoccupied there, if we can so do.

    Ideally if their nukes can be taken care of then disintegration is a real possibility and the best option to be pursued.

    What are they attempting to do by pilling up all that military equipment, well that is certainly not for showcase and every decade they are upto something so we better be prepared for the worst.
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    Pakistan is digging its own Grave, it knows Terrorism will take it back to the Dark ages, but it cannot let got this Vital Assets duly pampered by the Pak Military & the ISI. For Pakistan (as it is said in Hindi) "Na Nigla Jaye Na Ugla Jaye" (neither can they eat it nor can they spit it) Terrorism is synonymous with Pakistan. only God knows how long can the Pakistan Army and ISI Control them???

    So what will happen in years to come :

    The Pakistani Terrorists start assisting in Xinjiang (this is more likely to happen)

    # Many of the Muslims in western China want their own independent state similar to what Muslims in the former Soviet Republics now have. Some activists want Xinjiang to become an independent state called East Turkestan. According to some surveys 60 percent of Uighurs favor independence.

    # Muslims in Xinjiang don’t like the name Xinjiang (meaning “new territories” or “newly conquered territories”) because of the tacit connection to China. They prefer East Turkestan.

    # In many ways the Muslims seem less likely to go along with Beijing than Tibetans. Kashgar and Khotan— Uighur dominated towns—are regarded as the hotheads of East Turkestan nationalism. In Khotan and nearby towns there increasing signs of Islamism. Many Uighur women wear head scarves and when they get married they wear veils that leave only their eyes visible.

    # Many see the Xinjiang situation as more complicated and potentially dangerous than Tibet because Xinjiang and the Uighurs don’t have a strong leader like the Dalai Lama that can speak for a unified group and calm things down if they get out of hand. Instead resistance is fragmented.

    the So Called Crusaders of ISLAM will some day soon turn their attention to Xinjiang, then the real play will begin....

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