future india soilders should be a predator not a prey

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    Many countries in the are working to creat a active futuristic soilder who has knowledge of all systems but all these systems are costley and this increases the training cost as well as needs some skilled people to handle these equipments

    Various Futuristic Soldier programs are heavily funded and underway around the world, including Land 125 (Australia), African Warrior (South Africa), Warrior 2020 (Finland)[1], Félin (France), IdZ (Germany), Soldato Futuro (Italy), Combatiente Futuro (COMFUT) (Spain), Soldier Modernisation Program (SMP) (Netherlands), NORMANS (Norway), Soldado do Futuro (Portugal), Advanced Combat Man System (Singapore), IMESS (Switzerland), MARKUS (Sweden), ANOG (Israel), FIST (UK), BEST (Belgium), Projekt TYTAN (Poland)[2], 21st Century soldier (Czech rep.), F-INSAS (India), Integrated Soldier System Project (Canada) and Land Warrior (USA).

    In a active war the soldier will be distracted by these systems he has to be alert not only to keep himself safe from ememy fire but also he has take care of the systems which he carries if it goes to the enemy hands then the system which was produced with heavily funding will be breached all the tax payers will lose there money

    this is what hapened during the world wars and even during the 18th century wars also every country was curious about the technology which there enemy possed and they used to steal it and prepare a counter for it. even in the cold war this happened\

    A futuristic system should be a system which is fully integrated with the soilder like is body parts they should be designed based on the human anotomy so that using them should not make him feal that he having a weapon it should be somthing he is using his own body to fight

    the soilder should be a predator not a prey

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