Future EU ATGM will be based on MMP

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    The EU BLOS project will build on the Missile Moyenne Portée

    Although under Articles 42 and 46 of the Treaty on European Union, Permanent Structured Cooperation [CSP or PESCO for Permanent Structured Cooperation] had until recently been abandoned by the Member States. But finally, the evolution of the international situation provoked an awareness and, in December 2017, 25 of them agreed to put it in place, the objective being, within a binding legal framework, to give the EU greater strategic autonomy in defense matters.

    Thus, 17 types of project [ .pdf ] were selected for implementation under this CSP, which, at the request of France and with the support of Belgium and Cyprus, the EU BLOS program [ Beyond Line Of Sight, or Shooting Beyond Direct View, TAVD]. The latter will be based on the Medium Weapon Missile [MMP], developed by MBDA.

    "Promoting a differentiating operational capacity in the theaters of external intervention, this project will contribute to the implementation of a coherent and autonomous European approach in the field of land combat while reinforcing the qualitative contribution of Europeans to the achievement of the level of ambition of the Atlantic Alliance, "explains MBDA, via a statement.

    As a reminder, the field of land combat was recognized in June 2018 as one of the 11 European priority capabilities.

    As its name suggests, the EU BLOS project aims to develop a family of TAVD type missiles, with image feedback with "the man in the loop". Their production will have to be totally controlled by the European industry, which will allow, stresses MBDA, "to guarantee its autonomy of employment, the security of supply and the capacities of evolution, for the benefit of the 25 member countries of the CSP. "

    It will now be necessary to define a European doctrine on TAVD missiles as well as the inherent concepts of employment. According to MBDA, this project "will pave the way for the creation of a European user club that will enhance the growth potential of the MMP missile system both in terms of missile evolutions and integration with a wide variety of terrestrial platforms. and aerial. "

    Expected to be deployed soon in the Sahel, the MMP was originally designed to replace the Army's anti-tank MILAN missiles. With a range of up to 5 km and a multi-purpose military load and dual-band visible / infra-red uncooled autodirector, this machine benefits from several technologies, including multi-effects charging, linkage high-performance fiber optic data, image processing, human-machine interfaces, etc. A naval version is under development.



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