Freedom of Religion & Religious Conversion: Prof. Winnifred Fallers Su

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    Interesting talks. The Professor makes the following points that I noted, yet to complete watching the series -

    1) In USA, the agressive proselytisers are seen as intruding on the freedom of the secular while in India protecting the freedom of the proselytiser is considered as being secular while protecing the right of the persons to not be co-erced into conversion is seen as being fundamentalist!

    2) Sects practised a free for all in converting each other's flock. Mormons even baptise dead persons - such baptism of Jews posthumously was considered offensive and they have stopped doing that, however they still baptise everyone else posthumously !

    First of the series -

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    Re: Freedom of Religion & Religious Conversion: Prof. Winnifred Faller

    Interesting, esp. the part abt Mormon.

    Once even asked our Prof. from Utah if polygamy was really okay for Mormons (LDSC). Then she traced back to Brigham Young in explanation.

    Though not viewing the video clip I think freedom of conversion, without coercion is part of freedom of worship.
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