France sells Exocet Block 3 to Qatar

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    MBDA: The Qatar Marine adopt the Exocet MM40 Block3



    MBDA announced the decision by Qatar to acquire the latest generation of anti-ship missiles. The Exocet MM40 Block3 equip four missile patrol type Vita (Barzan class). Commissioned in 1996 and 1997, these buildings 56.3 meters and 530 tons are already implementing the Exocet MM40 Block2, at 8 maximum per ship missiles. Compared to his elder, the Block3 displays twice the range of 180 kilometers, through the adoption of a turbojet. It is also equipped with a GPS, which gives it a capability against coastal targets.

    The new missile has been selected by the French navy to equip the Horizon frigates and FREMM. The first was fired successfully from Sir Paul in March 2010. The MM40 Block3 also was sold by MBDA UAE, the Sultanate of Oman and the Kingdom of Morocco.

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