Four Baloch youth abducted from Pasni, Operation continues in Balochistan

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    [​IMG] Occupied Balochistan: Four Baloch youth including a Levis personal have been abducted by Pakistan security agencies from Pasni town of Balochistan. According to details around fifteen security forces personnel came in two official vehicles and abducted the four youth from near police check point in Jaddi area of Pasni town’s Ward number 7. Eye-witnesses said the men were abducted at gunpoint before the eyes of police. The police only resisted when the armed officials tried to abduct a Police ASI.

    The abducted men have been named as Hakeem S/O Pandok of Rekposht Pasni, Saddam S/O Munshi Akhtar of Ward number 5 Pasni, Yad Baloch of Pasni and Mohammd Ali Jamot a residence of Sindh. The cause of their abduction could not be known immediately, however, the eye-witnesses and police have confirmed that the abductors were driving official vehicles.

    Meanwhile sources from Dera Bugti reported that Pakistani security forces have been conducting raids and search operations in several areas of Sui and Dera Bugti. They said that on Friday houses were burnt down by the Pakistani armed forces in Zamuran and Nazd Sori regions. A report on Daily Tawar also claimed that several people have been arrested during these raids.

    It is pertinent to note that Pakistani security forces also carried out search operations in Shahrag, Degari, and Harnai areas of Balochistan. According the Baloch National Voice around 40 Marri Baloch were abducted during these operations. A Baloch Doctor, Wazir Khan Marri, was also abducted from a government hospital in Dergari on 29 September 2011.
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    even a levies personnel, is this news correct.

    moreover it seems baluchi people have cowed down to the pressure of pakistani forces, more after the assassination of their leader. no hope for baluch in my eyes.

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