forest officials seized about eight lakh tonnes of stolen iron ore

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    Part of seized ore was stolen: forest official

    Assistant Conservator of Forests has filed police complaint
    Karwar: The Forest Department in Ankola has lodged a police complaint against port officials, some export companies and some handling agents in Belekeri for allegedly exporting about five lakh tonnes of iron ore seized by the Forest Department. Assistant Conservator of Forests Narendra Hittalamakki filed the complaint on Monday.

    In April last, forest officials seized about eight lakh tonnes of iron ore stored in various jetties at Belekeri Port on the charge that they were brought to Belekeri from Bellary district without valid permits. But of the seized cargo about six lakh tonnes were exported to China by different export companies. The case of seizure by forest authorities is pending in the Karnataka High Court.

    Mr. Hittalamakki has, in his complaint, said that about six lakh tonnes of the seized ore were stolen by some people in connivance with the handling agents and port officials to cheat the Government and the tax authorities.

    Mahendra Biliye, Belekeri port officer, Satish Sail, Managing Director of Mallikarjuna Shipping, B.N. Shukla of Adani Shipping, Ramachandra Nayak of Salgoankar Mining Industries, Ravi Selvaraj of ILC, Vaz Ahamad Anwar of Ashapura Mining, Mangaladas Kamat of Overseas Limited, Amar Saranobat of DB Company, Pramod Shet of Lal Mahal Limited, Javed Jialan Saab of Lakshmi Venkateshwara Minerals and Shivaprakash of Metachem Manufacturing have been named in the complaint.

    Mr. Hittalamakki, whose house and business premises were raided by the Lokayukta officials last month, blamed the mining lobby for the raid and said that the mining lobby had given a wrong impression of his to the Lokayukta. He said he had been made a scapegoat.

    Ankola police are investigating the case.
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    How come China is involved in almost all illegal purchase of metal, fuel and other resources world over?

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