Foreign Policy Incoherence Limits China's Power in Asia

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    A realistic overview of China's foreign policy and its infirmities.

    Notwithstanding what maybe said to soft soap the reason for the recent aggressive stand of China towards its neighbours, there is no doubt that it has astounded the world that was so long in a happy slumber dreaming and endorsing the Chinese sleight of hand called the "Peaceful Rise", which was basically a smokescreen and an euphemism for buying time to strengthen its muscle in financial and military terms.

    Having acquired the muscle, while the world blissfully slumbered, China is showing its true colours. And why not?

    Her aim is clear and she will move heaven and earth to achieve it, including double talk, sleights of hand, or sheer muscle flexing.

    China's joining the anti piracy is not only for international assistance, but also to train its Navy, that is still a brown water navy, to the challenges faced in international waters and to also observe the naval tactics of other navies that could at a future date becoming adversaries.

    To play the Devil's Advocate:

    It would be naive to expect China to explain the scope and scale of its military build-up or to better integrate this into the framework of a foreign policy that offers a clear roadmap for China's evolution as a trustworthy and constructive leader in regional affairs.

    Why should China explain to her growth of her military build up? Or prove her evolution and offer a clear roadmap?

    It is for others to find out what China's aims are. They are following the correct path of keeping all guessing. The more the others guess, the more is will be the apprehension of China. Therefore, they will keep at nations at bay without having to fight a war.

    Therefore, one should not underestimate China.

    They are on the right path as far as she is concerned and it is not her concern who is worried and who is not!

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