Forbes:China, On The Road To High Income Country Status

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    China, On The Road To High Income Country Status - Forbes
    China is currently turning itself inside out. It’s an arduous process of switching from an export driven economy of low wages, to a middle class society driven by local consumer spending power. That shift is still in its early stages. But as it unfolds, China has already become a middle income nation, according to World Bank standards. This is most evident along the highly populated eastern seaboard cities, from Guangzhou to Beijing, where incomes are well over the $12,000 a year needed to be classified by the World Bank as middle income. In those cities, incomes are well over $25,000.

    well, strangely, one west media starts to stop "CHina to collpase" .....shall we Chinese be happy or wary????
    The best way to deal with it ,I think, is just ignore it and keep our agenda and developement plan on.....

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