Florida: Pro-gun activist accidentally shot in the back by her 4-year-old son

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    A Florida woman, popular for her strong pro-gun stance, was accidentally shot by her 4-year-old son, authorities said on Wednesday.

    Jamie Gilt, 31, was taken to a hospital following the shooting which occured on Tuesday, and is believed to be in stable condition. She is yet to make a statement to the police.

    Authorities told CNN that the firearm was legally owned by Gilt, who maintained a Facebook page entitled “Jamie Gilt for Gun Sense,” where she regularly posted pro-gun positions. On her personal Facebook page, Gilt once bragged about her son: “Even my 4 year old gets jacked up to target shoot with the .22.”

    Sheriff’s investigators are trying to determine how the 4-year-old boy had access to a gun he used to shoot his mother as she drove a pickup truck in north Florida.

    Putnam County Sheriff’s Office spokesman Joseph Wells says 31-year-old Jamie Gilt of Jacksonville owns the .45-caliber gun the boy fired Tuesday afternoon.

    A deputy saw her behaving frantically inside the truck, which was stopped partially on the road. The deputy then saw she’d been shot in the back and the bullet had exited from her stomach area.

    Wells says Gilt told deputies her son had accidentally shot her. She was taken to a hospital and was in stable condition, he said.

    Wells says investigators haven’t been able to interview her.

    It is a misdemeanor under Florida law for someone to store or leave a loaded gun where a child has access.

    “They must keep firearms secured and locked,” Wells said.

    The boy, who was not injured, is with relatives. The Florida Department of Children and Families is also investigating.


    - See more at: http://indianexpress.com/article/wo...k-by-her-4-year-old-son/#sthash.qoz7I5zO.dpuf
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    To balance it out, I will present this news:

    Police: Man with concealed carry permit stops hatchet attack at 7-Eleven

    • I am in favour of the Second Amendment of the US. India needs to have one like that.
    • Anti-gun laws do not disadvantage the lawbreakers; they only disadvantage the law-obedient.
    • Guns don't kill. The person with the gun does.
    • Guns make for a polite society.
    • Everyone dies, but not everyone lives.
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