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    If we study any organism especially animal (defined as big enough that we can see with naked eye) there is in group & out group.

    I.e to more efficiently use resources, energy & survive 'animals' band together. These groups, or 'tribes' compete with each other.

    The levels of competition & therefore violence are related to genetic similarly. I.e ants will fight other ants of same species, unless different species of ant threatens them.

    This 'infighting' strengthens the gene pool by removing weaker elements. So is not bad if kept within excess,

    The entire Ideology of 'human rights' when looked at from a civilizational level by Hindus is a battering ram.

    Simply put, it wants or asks us to tolerate elements who wish to destroy us & commit violence against us in name of 'higher power'

    I.e equality.

    Equality meaning same which is goal of abrahamic Ideology. One language, people, race, religion, 'god' (yahweh the Jewish devta)

    We have brotherhood, & should be mindful that our natural response & instinct toward christian, muslim, jew, secular, communist etc. Is natural normal & for our own civilizational protection.

    Communism & its offshoots like hinduism, sikhism, jainism, feminism, racism are all rooted in a judeo-christian mindset as is Islam.

    Be wary, islam vs christ is just Cairo vs mecca over control of Jerusalem.

    All of the holy men of abrahamic come from the mecca, jerusalem, Cairo triangle.

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