FIR against six Army officers for harassing junior

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    NASIRABAD (AJMER): Acting on a court order, Rajasthan police have registered an FIR against six Army officers for harassing a junior officer and trying to prove him to be mentally ill after he raised his voice against the misappropriation of funds.

    A court in Nasirabad, a cantonment town, ordered the FIR against two brigadiers, two colonels and two majors on December 18 on the complaint made by Lieutenant Colonel Arun Kumar of 374 Composite RT Brigade of Nasirabad cantonment.

    Police registered the FIR on December 19, but the issue has come to light only now. The Army has also initiated an inquiry into the allegations.

    The FIR has been filed against station commander Brigadier A K Ganguly, his deputy Colonel Lalit Agnihotri and against another officer, Colonel Rohit Jha. It also names medical officers Brigadier Sanjeev Vaspyan, Major S V Rekha, Major Gurmendra Singh and the administration registrar of the Nasirabad Army hospital.

    In his complaint, Lt Col Kumar said when he discovered the misappropriation of funds and the misuse of the budget in the Army, he raised a voice against it. But senior officers disliked his attitude and conspired to declare him mental ill. "Brigadier Ganguly, Col Agnihotri and Col Jha conspired against me and on May 17 they issued a notice in Form 10 which states that I am mentally ill," said the complainant. Lt Col Kumar said he was harassed in Nasirabad hospital and all three officers threatened he would not able to continue his service in the Army.

    The complainant was then referred to the Army hospital in Jodhpur for further check-up. "Even there, senior Army officers harassed me and I wrote to the commissioner of police (Jodhpur) to save me from the harassment on May 21," he said in the complaint.

    After Lt Col Kumar pleaded his case before the chief of Army staff, he was sent to the Ahmedabad Army hospital, where he was found fit and sent back to resume duty in Nasirabad.

    The court directed police to register a case on the charges that the senior officers manipulated the law, framed documents that are known to be incorrect, fabricated false evidences and criminally conspired against Lt Col Kumar.

    "We registered the FIR on December 19 and are investigating the matter," said Ashok Meena, SHO of Nasirabad city police station. "We also called the complainant to verify the documents."

    Defence spokesperson Col S D Goswami said: "The Army is taking up the issue and already a court of inquiry has been initiated." He said senior officers are looking into the case to restore discipline in the Army.

    FIR against six Army officers for harassing junior - The Times of India
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    I bitter truth is that a lot of Army officials are corrupt but here the issue is not only corruption but the attitude of higher rank officers because in army you have to obey your superiors like god other wise you make every one your enemy.
    I remember a case where a JCO had a rift with an army major on some issue and the Major banned his enter into the army MESS on the pretext that he is an enemy informant and the dilema of that JCO was that if he takes the matter with higher up's chances of the Major making his life more miserable were high because rule of thumb in army is you cant raise your voice with your superiors under any circumstance other wise you suffer

    There is lack of transparency in how the Army utilize its funds because no one can point a finger at them due to the fear facing wrath of there superiors.
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    It's time there should be mechanism to raise voice against the seniors involved in corrupt activities and also protection to the whistle blower. Peopole have lot of faith & respect in the army. It is high time for them to take serious steps to maintain the same.
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    @pkroyal Sir @Ray Sir @Decklander Sir @Kunal Biswas
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    I do remember a case in air force where the officer and the lower rank personal gone into fights . Later the officer made the personal leave the force accusing him on teasing his 4 years of daughter . . .
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    What's wrong with our army man??Lately they are coming into news for all thd wrong reasons possible!!
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    If proved guilty, better start looking for some job in civil sector ..


    On the other hand, Army is a huge family we are more than just officers and soldiers, Its brotherhood ..

    We are involve not just under working wearing uniform, But also when not wearing Uniform, We take care of other`s family when need arise ..

    Our CO is our god and father, When its time for War we look each other`s back, No one cares what rank you got ..

    Better have a read here, Time and time again people should read this article >>
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    It is for the Inquiry to check who is at fault.
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    I was in Ajmer /Nasirabad on 21 Dec 2013 for a School function in RMS.
    Another case of egg on the face.

    Lt Col Arun Kumar is a crusader against corrupt practices in the fauj.
    Filling up form No. 10 & declaring him a 'psycho' will not do any good to anybody's reputation.
    time to clean the " Augean stables"
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