Financial and governance "irregularities" with Indian Navy contractor

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    Finland's Wartsila sacks India unit employees over irregularities

    Finnish industrial engine maker Wartsila(
    WRT1V.HE) said on Tuesday that it had sacked an unspecified number of employees at its Indian unit, after a probe into financial and governance irregularities found "violations and business misconduct".

    Wartsila did not comment on the number of employees involved, the precise location or on the nature of the irregularities.

    Kimmo Kohtamäki, managing director for Wärtsilä India, said the financial impact would not be material to the broader group.

    Wärtsilä has 1100 employees in India, where it builds and maintains power plants, as well as engines to supply India's navy and coast guard, floating cranes and offshore rigs.

    (Reporting by Karen Rebelo in MUMBAI and Jussi Rosendahl in HELSINKI; Editing by Clara Ferreira Marques)

    A story from a couple of weeks ago that I've only just come across. Has anything more happened in regards to this case?

    Does anyone know (based on publically available information obviously) what Wärtsilä India does for the Navy and Coast Guard?
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    well Wärtsilä does makes engines, so its obvious to assume they makes engines for naval vessels and also generators too.

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