Farmaan Basha, paralympian's distress email against PCI

Discussion in 'Members Corner' started by Kunal Biswas, Sep 8, 2012.

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    Dear Kunal ,

    I am writing to you from the 2012 London Paralympics Games village. I am affected with polio, but I have been Power-lifting since 2000. I was even honoured with the Arjuna Award

    My wife, Antonia sold her jewellery so I could represent India at the Games. She was also supposed to help me get my way around events. She’s my soulmate and I owe my success to her.

    Sadly, today she’s stranded outside the games village, because Paralympic Committee of India (PCI) members are using the free facilities meant for athletes and their support staff.

    Thats why I started a petition on telling Sports Minister Ajay Maken to take strict action against PCI members for their conduct and derecognise the body altogether. Petition | Punish PCI for disrespecting Indian Paralympians at 2012 games |

    Even my coach, Sadanand Malashetti, who has trained me for years now, couldn’t access the Games Village even though his name was in the list of attendees provided by the Indian Govt.

    The actions of the PCI members have humiliated me and my fellow athletes.

    Prior to the event, I was lifting 170 kg in the 48kg class. When I was informed that my coach and wife would not be allowed to enter the games village my performance was badly affected and I couldn’t even lift 148 kgs.

    Overcoming these difficulties, after a lot of hard-work and under emotional trauma, I managed to get 5th place in the powerlifting event. After the event when I asked for a pass for my wife who is legally my escort, I was denied the pass since the PCI wanted to punish me for complaining against them.

    Join me in helping Indian paralympic players get the recognition they deserve. Tell Ajay Maken, the Minister of Sports to take strict action against the corrupt practices of Paralympic Committee of India. Petition | Punish PCI for disrespecting Indian Paralympians at 2012 games |

    Thanks in advance for taking action,

    Farmaan Basha,

    2012 London Paralympic Games Village
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    Farmaan Basha needs to get in touch with the national main stream media else no one is going to move an inch on the issue. Put in a mail to Arnab Goswami, he might be interested. Possibly do a video, and upload it at youtube, if not already. Use twitter, facebook.

    I wish you well!
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    I'm surprised the IOC doesn't sue the PCI over its name.
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    This has happened to another such competitor.

    I believe the Sport Minister has given some statement on that.

    Arnab Goswami is the answer.

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