Fake students use technology to enter IIT

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    MUMBAI: It's shocking to learn that at least two fake students have managed to get admission into IITs without actually passing the examination. Their modus operandi itself was so simple that the elite institutes must be quivering in embarrassment.

    Both somehow managed to acquire admit cards of successful candidates and digitally doctored them to gain entry into the colleges. One of the duo, a boy, got into IIT Bhubaneswar while the other, a girl, made her way into the Indian School of Mines (ISM), Dhanbad.

    The fact that two fake students have been caught suggests that they might not be stray cases. There is every possibility that it's a well-organized operation, helping many others to sneak into the colleges through such devious methods. For a price, of course.

    It's surprising that the premier institutes rely mainly on the admit cards to verify the identity of students at the time of enrolling them. At a time when almost anything can be morphed or digitally altered, there is need for a more foolproof method to check the students.

    The IITs have no other option now but to flush out every fake student by employing any mean necessary. They need to strengthen the system too so that the screening process is more effective right from the initial stage.

    Fake students use technology to enter IIT - The Times of India on Mobile
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    In the United States as long as you have a valid government ID (DL or passport ) you can go to any college and attend any class. Of Course you will have to inform the Professor about it before the class begins. Most of the professors agree they simply don't care...but you can't enter Lab and you can't give exams...
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    three idiots:cool2:
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