F-35 and Indian Airforce an unlikelycombination

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    Somewhere in Himalayan Jungle
    Lockheed Martin’s push to win
    a contract in India with its
    F-35 JSF looks unlikely as the
    Ministry of Defense is unlikely
    to bend backwards and start
    the competition all over again. If India decides to consider the
    F-35 for the MMRCA
    competition than the
    aircraft will have to perform
    various evaluation trails
    which will take another 1-2 years. Also it must be noted
    that the F-35 is
    still underdevelopment so it
    won’t be able to perform on
    various parameters. We also
    know that the IAF placed great deal of importance
    on kinematic performance of
    the aircraft with
    basic requirement of 9G’s. The
    F-35 is designed primarily to
    use its sensors and stealth to achieve its targets rather
    than go around dog fighting.
    At the end the F-35 is unlikely
    to match
    the kinematic performance of
    Eurofighter Typhoon or the Dassault Rafale, though
    the F-35A variants can achieve
    9G’s. Second issue is that of
    the time-frame, the F-35
    program if all goes well from
    now is likely to be combat
    ready only around 2016
    where as the IAF wants MMRCA fighters in service by
    around 2014. Also given the
    hundreds of billion already
    spent and thousands of units
    already on order, IAF is
    unlikely to get preferential delivery. Also MMRCA
    requirements states that
    atleast 108 aircraft’s to be
    manufactured in India along
    with 100% transfer of
    technology. Given the American sensitivity to such
    high profile weapons, its
    unlikely that Lockheed Martin
    will be allowed to do so. Such
    a privilege is not even
    available to existing partner nations. Also existing issues
    with CISMOA and LSA are not
    going to help the cause. The
    fundamental mistake which
    Lockheed Martin did was not
    to offer the F-35 for MMRCA 2 years ago when MMRCA trials
    were about to begin along
    with the F-16. If it was done
    so than the IAF would have
    got a chance to analyse the
    aircraft and its advantage. F-35 also has a very little
    chance of being with the IAF
    even outside the MMRCA
    competition as IAF has
    already pledged resources in
    the AMCA and FGFA programs and rumors are also in the air
    that India is likely to
    take interest in MiG’s 5th
    generation program. With a
    firm 5th generation aircraft
    plan there is no room for F-35 with the Indian Airforce. The
    only other way the F-35 could
    sport Indian roundels is if the
    Indian Navy selects it for the
    IAC-2 which will be catapult
    equipped carrier so the F-35C could have a chance here but
    than again the order is not
    expected to be massive like

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