Eyeing closer ties, Rice to visit India

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    The US is really putting a lot of effort to further ties with India. Just yesterday we heard te Pacific Command chief calling for greater military ties and now this. India too needs to take a step forward and not half a step back.


    NEW DELHI: US President Barack Obama's UN ambassador and possibly his closest confidante, Susan Rice, will make her first trip to India next week. The feisty diplomat, who has often been scathing about India's voting record in the UN will meet foreign secretary Ranjan Mathai and call on foreign minister S M Krishna and national security adviser (NSA) Shivshankar Menon.

    Rice, who became an assistant secretary at 32 in Bill Clinton's cabinet, supported Obama when he decided to run for president. Rice, one of Washington's smartest political minds with formidable academic credentials, is also reputed to be the voice Obama listens to most on foreign policy.

    Washington insiders, speculating on who might replace Hillary Clinton as secretary of state if Obama returns for four more years, often have Rice's name on top of the list. Others speculate on whether she could be the next NSA.

    Analysts credit Rice with returning the US to the UN. Under her watch, Obama has chaired a UNSC session, and Washington has used the UN to channel American activity on important areas like Libya, Iran and Syria.

    India plays an interesting role in this: Washington and New Delhi have an ever closer bilateral strategic relationship, India is spreading influence and footprint in Africa, which was Rice's first charge, but at the UN, both nations barely see eye-to eye. On virtually every issue the two countries take opposing views and sources say there have been times when Rice has wondered at the relationship.

    Rice will also doing something Obama said he wanted to do in India - vacationing with her family in Rajasthan.

    Eyeing closer ties, Rice to visit India - TOI Mobile | The Times of India Mobile Site
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    There is enough of rice in India.

    PL 480 stopped long back! :rofl:

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    Let Rice bring some bagful of nuclear technology rice for India or bagful of dollars for India to buy nuclear technology from Russia or France

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