Eye on UP polls, Digvijay slams Osama's sea burial

Discussion in 'Politics & Society' started by Vikramaditya, May 3, 2011.

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    NEW DELHI: With an eye firmly fixed on Uttar Pradesh's minority vote bank, Congress leader and state in-charge Digvijay Singh criticized the reported burial of Al Qaida leader and the world's most wanted terrorist Osama bin Laden at sea.

    According to an agency report, Singh said, "However big a criminal one might be, his religious traditions should be respected while burying him."

    Burial at sea was apparently due to fears that a grave might become a rallying point for his followers. Singh also said it is "surprising" that Laden with his family was staying just 100 metres away from a military academy and the Pakistan government had no idea about that. "Only America and Pakistan can say what had happened," he said.

    Singh's political positioning on terror issues has been consistent as he had questioned the Batla House shootout, involving the Indian Mujahideen, and had demanded a judicial inquiry. He had also met the relatives of those arrested or killed in the encounter in Azamgarh. With a fierce competition for minority vote ahead of UP assembly polls, the former Madhya Pradesh chief minister has sought to make sure that he is in sync with the reported popular sentiment.

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    When will such politicans grow some self respect?

    I was kind of expecting someone to pick up this line.

    In my mind were Mulayam, Left and TMC, exactly in that order. Never expected Digvijay to pioneer it.
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    Regarding the burial thing, it was raised on CNN and BBC as well. Don't read too much into what Digvijay said and link it to UP elections. CNN and BBC went about asking experts if it was ok to bury at sea and if it didn't violate Islamic laws. When they can talk about it, anyone can.

    For clarification though, a Muslim can be buried at sea if there is a clear threat of the body being exhumed later on which we can safely say would have happened. The US did the right thing in burying him at sea. I mentioned this yesterday itself that it could be because of fears of making a shrine out of his burial place.
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    The problem with Digvijay, as with most Indian politicians, they are only interested in votes. They pretend to be concerned when, in actuality, they could not care less.

    These so called 'highly concerned for the Muslims' politicians are all 'Mukhota' (or whatever was the word used by Govindachary of ABV).

    What the name of Dic.kens have they done for the Muslims when they were in power is what should be asked of them.

    It is a ploy. They have a chap who, irrespective of the Party's ideology, should speak 'sweet nothings' just to keep a voting section happy!

    Digvjay is one such chap.

    UPA has been in power for two consecutive terms. What have they done for the Muslims?

    With no disrespect meant, if India is a secular country, how come Sai Baba's body was draped with the National Flag? He was just a religious cult head.

    Where was our good old Digvijay Singh and his pious sayings?

    Would that volatile Muslim cleric of Jama Masjid be also draped in the National Flag when he is heaven bound?

    The same coots could not make themselves available for Sam Maneckshaw's funeral, who has done more for the country, yet they went hotfoot en masse to Puttaputi or whatever it is called.


    All fraudulent show for votes!

    I say, no disrespect once again. I am only talking of propriety and the fraud the politicians play on us, and we buy it hook, line and sinker.

    Does Digvijay Singh or Mamta Bannerjee know even the Kalma, let alone anything beyond in the Quaran?

    Can they tell if there is any difference in the Kalma of the Shia and the Sunnis?

    Yet, they will go into matam over issues they have no clue about and plant the seeds of disunity in an already confused country!!

    The woman does not even know that most Muslim say 'Allah Hafiz' because Khoda is a generic term for God while 'Allah' is specific to the religion.

    What does Digvijay Singh know of Islamic burial?

    It is all for votes!


    I daresay the US would be fool enough to mess up on the burial of an Islamic 'icon' and have more trouble on their hands than the killing of the 'icon'.
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