Expenditure of Political Parties

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    2014 polls : BJP spent Rs 714 cr, Cong Rs 1,230 cr - The Times of India

    The EC website section which deals with expenditure:

    Expenditure Reports 2014_National

    Expenditure Reports 2014_State

    I do not see AAP's expenditure statement, have they even filed one? If not, why the delay in the 'honest' party's filing? :confused:

    Anyway, moving from comedy parties to serious matters, lets break it down by average spend per seat contested:

    BJP - 714 crores for 427 seats or 1.67 crore / seat contested. RoI - 714 crore for 282 won - 2.54 / win

    Congress - 516 crores for 462 seats or 1.12 crore / seat contested. RoI 516 crore for 44 won - 11..72 / win

    Anyone want to calculate the RoI for AAP, well if they provde the data to EC first. :taunt:

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