Exit polls give BJP edge in Maharashtra, Haryana

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    Counting of votes will take place on October 19.

    BJP is likely to emerge as the largest party in both Maharashtra and Haryana Assembly elections stopping short of majority, according to exit polls.

    The Congress and NCP, which were ruling Maharashtra for 15 years before they split ahead of the elections, were projected to lose heavily while Shiv Sena was predicted to emerge as the second largest party.

    One exit poll conducted by ‘Today’s Chanakya’, however, gave a clear majority for BJP in both Maharashtra and Haryana.

    Maharashtra, where Prime Minister Narendra Modi campaigned extensively addressing 27 rallies, appears to be heading for a BJP government for the first time in the state’s history.

    According to C-voter exit poll telecast on Times Now and Zee News channels, BJP was projected to get 129 out of 288 seats. Its erstwhile ally Shiv Sena was projected to get 56 seats while Congress was predicted to bag 43, NCP 36, MNS 12 and others 12. For a majority, a party has to get 145 seats.

    In the outgoing assembly, BJP had 47 seats while Shiv Sena had 45. Congress had 82 seats, NCP 62 and MNS had 12.

    Exit poll conducted by AC Nielson for ABP channel gave BJP 127 seats, Shiv Sena 77, Congress 40, NCP 34 and MNS 5.

    An exit poll telecast on India TV gave BJP between 124 and 134 seats, Shiv Sena 51-61, Congress 38-48, NCP 31-41 and MNS and others 9-15 each.

    Today’s Chanakya exit poll telecast on News24 channel gave BJP a clear majority with 151 seats while Shiv Sena was given 71. Congress was given 27 while NCP 28. MNS was projected to get 11.

    The same pollster projected clear majority for BJP in Haryana, giving it 52 of the 90 seats. INLD comes second with 23 seats, Congress 10 and others 5.

    In the outgoing Assembly, Congress had 40 seats, BJP had only four, INLD 31 and HJC 6. Others had 9.

    Exit poll by C-Voter projected 37 seats for BJP in Haryana, 28 for INLD, 15 for Congress, 6 for Haryana Janhit Congress and 4 for others.

    AC-Nielson gave 46 to BJP, Congress 10, INLD 29, HJC two and others three.

    If the projections come true, BJP will be forming the government in Haryana for the first time ever.

    Mr. Modi campaigned extensively in the state, addressing 11 rallies.

    Counting of votes will take place on October 19.

    Exit polls give BJP edge in Maharashtra, Haryana - The Hindu
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    It is pathetic to see the Congress Party as if it were a sailship caught in the doldrums.

    And there spokesmen are coming out so pathetic on the TV show, including Singhvi whose adjective string has vanished, and the waffling of Sanjay Jha increasing.
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    In a five cornered fight, even a vote share of a few percentages can be a game changer. BJP would definitely come out stronger than the projected no. of seats. Out of 10 people you ask 2 will vote for Shiv Sena, NCP and Congress each, while 3 people would vote for BJP and 1 for others. The 1 vote lead that BJP has seems very small and gives an idea that its a fractured mandate, however it gives them a decisive lead over others. The poll that I think would be spot on will be Chanakya giving 151 seats to BJP.

    The masses are with BJP because of their credibility of bringing about clean and corruption free government. the Shiv Sena did not even have a road map for the state during any of its rallies. There were no talks about development of the state, all that we heard was jibber-jabber about BJP back stabbing them. Congress has gone in a silent mode. They have already given up the fight. The NCP is hoping that BJP would fall short of the half way mark and somehow manage to draw attention towards them for forming an alliance with them. The NCP does not like to stay out of power. Before I thought that MNS would be able to take the lead over Uddhav and take home a vast majority of Marathi votes, however, he did not attack the Shiv Sena during any of this rallies, thus missing the golden opportunity of getting more seats. If the BJP get a majority of its own, expect the two brothers to come together again.
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