Exclusive: Pilot body wants Air India to be privatised

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    The Indian Commercial Pilot Association (ICPA) wants Air India to be privatized. It feels that the decisions taken by the politicians of the UPA government ruined the national carrier. These sentiments have been reflected in a letter by the ICPA to the Prime Minister.

    ICPA is a representative body for the pilots of Indian Airlines Limited (Air India Ltd.), having a strength of more than 600 members in India. In a strong worded letter ICPA has expressed hope that the new government will look closely into the affairs of the airline. Further it expects that the issue of their pending dues would also be looked at.

    All these demands and statements in the letter however are written after equally strong words of support for the Narendra Modi government. The letter states that only Narendra Modi can change the fate of Air India. Here are some of the contents of the letter:

    "Achhe Din Aane wale hai," was the campaign that got BJP and the NDA, the much needed majority to power. Let me assure you on behalf of all Air Indians - a family of 40,000 employees and if you add the retired and dependent family members, the number easily crosses 2.5 lakh people who have embedded their faith in one party, one man and his vision and commitment to the nation - Shri Narendra Modi.

    Every employee in this airline is waiting for Air India to be pulled out of the ventilator and government interference as we have been plagued by bad political decisions in the last decade.

    We are eagerly looking forward to better days for all Air Indians and the citizens of our country as we pledge our support to you and the NDA government."

    While the letter was to be one congrulating the PM after his oath ceremony the ICPA cleverly pusehed their issues as well.

    ICPA office could not be reached for comments. Air India management did not answer the calls. No reply to the sms was received.

    At a time when Air India had just about started showing some improvement this letter says a lot on the inner sentiments that exist amongst the work force. Experts say that the new government would want to continue with the equity infusion to give AI another chance.

    With Modi government looking committed to work in transparent way with zero tolerance on corruption there could afterall be a actual revival of the national carrier under the Modi government.

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