Ex Army Chief V K Singh's security cover removed for joining protests

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    Government has decided to withdraw all security cover provided to former Army Chief Gen V K Singh, who hasbeen taking part in a number of protests over corruption, Delhi gangrape incident and other issues.
    The former Army Chief was provided Z 'Plus' security cover till November 30 but ina review meeting, the Ministry of Home Affairs took a decision that he does not require any protection, Army sources said here.
    After the decision was conveyed to the Army Headquarters, it is in the process of withdrawing all vehicles including a bullet-proof car and around 30-35 personnel from his security, they said.
    Seven vehicles and 30-35 personnel were deployed in his security duties round the clock, they said.
    Gen V K Singh, who retired on May 31, was given a Z Plus security cover till November 30 and he was allowed to stay in Government accommodation inDelhi Cantonment area for one year after he had soughta nine-month extension from Defence Minister A K Antony.
    Singh has been named in an FIR by the Delhi Police for his alleged role in protests against the gang rape of a girl in a moving bus on December 16.
    Soon after his retirement, he was critical of the government on various issues and shared the stage with yoga guru Ramdev and Anna Hazare on Lokpal and blackmoney issues.
    On the gang rape issue, he had recently said the system stands "completely exposed and defanged" as not just one daughter, but hundreds of others are equally vulnerable to predators in the face of "growing impotency" to take any action.
    In late November, he had also called for the dissolutionof Parliament and had called for its gherao in support of the demands raised by sugarcane farmers from Uttarakhand and Uttar Pradesh.
    In the last few months of his tenure, he became the first Chief of the Army to have approached the Supreme Court against the Government on the personal issue of his date of birth.
    Sources close to Gen Singh said he was not happy with the "publicity" given to the withdrawal of his security cover by the government.
    They said the former Army Chief had already sent back the Delhi Police security personnel provide to him andhad also returned their vehicles.
    He was using only security personnel from army and out of them, most were returned to their respective units and only a few people were kept for his personal security, they said.

    Ex Army Chief V K Singh stripped of Z 'Plus' security cover - Indian Express
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    Re: Ex Army Chief V K Singh's security cover removed for joining prote

    If the COAS, who directed operation against terrorist has no security threat, then I take it that others who have no connection with the terrorists and enemies of the State do not require security cover.

    This proves that all this gun toting NSG and police force for VIP is a sham and a charade and should be discontinued and thereby releasing them for the task their force was designed for!
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    Re: Ex Army Chief V K Singh's security cover removed for joining prote

    He is a true man and soldier ... not a paplu of govt.
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    Re: Ex Army Chief V K Singh's security cover removed for joining prote

    Very well said Sir. CONgs can go up to any extent to satisfy their ego. This incident proves that there is no value of a person who is honest & has the courage to take the stand against the corrupts. Further, this action serves the message that if one go against the CONgs brigade than this govt. will not mind degrading itself to meanest level to take it's vengeance & keeping the country's' interests aside.

    Taking security cover & announcing is like informing all the shooters to take your aim on Mr. Singh and the lucky shooter or sponsor shall be rewarded. Really this is height, govt. is indirectly threatening him with his life officially. Now, if somebody attacks him who shall be held responsible?

    My gut feeling is Mr. V.K. Singh is the man who can bring the change & he is their to stay. I expect more people like Gen Singh should come in politics & social work.
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