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Discussion in 'Indian Air Force' started by babun, Mar 21, 2012.

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    I wanted to know the Electronic warfare related program going on in INDIA and the systems needed for Indian forces. I did not find a single thread in this direction. So i thought i will initiate the one. I request all the members to contribute to this thread and add all the information.
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    Holy Hell
    Very little is known about our EW capability. We are going to have to give it a few years(a decade or two) before we know what we actually had today.

    Heck we don't even know what went on the Canberra bombers until 2006.

    We know that there is a testing facility being built for EW in Chitradurga, Karnataka and we know the names of a few airborne pods we are importing from Israel, France and Russia. We built a land based system called Samyukta two decades ago and newer systems have been developed since then and we don't know the names for it. That's about it.

    Our armed forces are quite stingy as compared to other forces when it comes to declassifying things.

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