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    I want to dedicate this thread for Elaborating the concept of much ab/mis-used Secularism.

    I see many people talking about secularism.

    The basis of Secularism is based on the following two attributes.

    1. What people Think/feel about what secularism is ? ( the concept- based on perception/feelings-keeps evolving as the people change.) but their concept is subjective and distorted without any substantial backing

    2. What actually the evolution of secularism as a "Concept" in Objective terms means? what the basis of this concept ( by basis I mean documents/seminal-papers with substantive backing! without any distortion.

    I know no religion can be completely secular.

    so Is their any part in every religion that overlaps with the objective-concept of secularism and that can be taken as a secular-part of that religion and say its secular part of religion and share those views. the rest part can be assumed as personal-part of religion.

    Many people start abusing religion other than yours. It absolutely give a personal harm to the affected person which is irreparable loss and it disturbs the sentiment .
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