Evaluation of the MiG-21 by the USAF...

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    Evaluation of the MiG-21 by the USAF...

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    Thread needs to be expanded as it's quite an interesting topic.

    Here's why the MiG-21 was and still is one of the best fighters ever built-

    Here's the source material quoted towards the end-

    I think it explains IAF's fascination with the MiG-21 and why it's been so hard to replace. Simply put MiG-21 was the best dogfighter ever built period.

    People can quote it's dismal performance in the Arab-Israel conflicts but keep in mind that those were banana republics with equally unprofessional armed forces. Also the fact that the Soviets were a secretive bunch unwilling to divulge professional knowledge to even their own pilots for fear of technological inferiority/ pilot defections didn't help much. Remember that it was due to the IAF's performance in the 1971 war that the MiG-21 gained it's reputation as the Starfighter killer and subsequently became a major export success.

    Shortsighted people aka stealth/BVR/F-35 fanboys would never possibly comprehend the above info nor share our enthusiasm for good ol' dogfighters and neither do I ever expect them to. Let these millennial kids live in their bubble. They are waste of our time and endless reserves of patience.

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