Evaluating India’s Strategic Partnerships using Analytic Hierarchy Process

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    A strategic partnership is a long-term interaction between two countries based on political, economic, social and historical factors. Such a partnership manifests itself in a variety of relationships. India has signed “strategic partnerships” with more than 30 countries. Are these countries equally important for India? Or do they have their own hierarchy? For instance, India has strategic partnerships with the United States, Russia, China, Japan, UK, France and others. It is obvious that not all strategic partnerships are equally important. Some have a dominant political element, while others have a prominent economic dimension. In some cases, the security dimension may be the most important. Is there a way to rank the partnerships on the basis of multiple criteria? Which strategic partnership is more important than others?This work has been inspired by the need to devise a more effective method based on expert judgments using statistical techniques to rank the preferences. We look at India’s relationship with the United States, Russia, Japan, UK and China, on the basis of five parameters, namely economics, politics, defence, technology and people-to-people and rank them in order of importance.

    Complete article over here Evaluating India’s Strategic Partnerships using Analytic Hierarchy Process | Institute for Defence Studies and Analyses

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