Eurojet proposes thrust-vectoring upgrade for Typhoon

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    Eurojet proposes thrust-vectoring upgrade for Typhoon



    Eurofighter and engine supplier Eurojet are stepping up their efforts to interest Typhoon customer nations in a thrust-vectoring upgrade that promises to bring substantial operational benefits and pay for itself through lifecycle cost reductions.

    Equipping the twin-engined Typhoon’s EJ200s with thrust vectoring nozzles (TVN) could reduce fuel burn on a typical mission by up to 5%, while increasing available thrust in supersonic cruise by up to 7%, the engine consortium says.
    Eurojet partner ITP benchtested a TVN several years ago, and EADS earlier this year equipped its Typhoon cockpit simulator to emulate the performance enhancements offered by the technology.

    The industrial partners are now looking for funding to launch a flight-demonstrator programme.

    Thrust vectoring could provide a virtual control surface when coupled with the Typhoon’s flight-control system, improving survivability, manoeuvrability and the aircraft’s ability to carry an asymmetric weapons load. It also reduces trim drag and therefore fuel consumption by “unloading” aerodynamic control surfaces

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