Estimated 15,000 people join ‘pinstriped Nazis’ on march in Dresden

Discussion in 'Europe and Russia' started by Ray, Dec 17, 2014.

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    Germans are xenophobic and even racists.

    However, all was not that bad in the world till the Islamic terrorism took grip and the Muslims wanted their own ways to be accepted as a part of the host society while giving no concessions in their home country.

    They got their way to a great extent in countries like the UK, but it raised the back of countries that wear their nationality, culture etc on their sleeves like France and Germany.

    While this is only reaction to their fear of losing what is their's, yet it is trend that is most dangerous and unsavoury.

    What is dangerous is that there were old and young men and women, including families with children in pushchairs, many of whom said they had no political affiliation along with the Nazi folks.

    The tolerance level is getting lowered around the world and that is not a pleasant happening.
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    Re: Estimated 15,000 people join ‘pinstriped Nazis’ on march in Dresde

    Sir, who is to be blamed for unchecked immigration from the isamic world in the EU? Take a wild guess.........

    The issue is that these political nutjobs invite asylum seekers from the worst possible islamic war zones in the world (in the name of multiculturalism and integration) and give them everything for free and above all provide fundings to build madrasas and mosques.....they get over radicalized as Mullahs are empowered (not people) to the core plus a common muslim need not think about putting food on the table for his family as it is taken care by the govt, UNs, NGos etc, hence they have all the time to grow beards and spew conspiracies! In short, no opportunities are given to common muslims to leave islam or leave radical mullas to become peace loving, but mullas are empowered and majority of asylum seekers are totally dependent on these mullas! I was surprised to know that there is a Grand Mufti in Sydney!

    It's a dangerous mischief by these political ideologies who propagate multiculturalism in EU as they invite the worst possible people into their countries, rather than invite educated non-muslims who would be more productive and integrate seamlessly! But objective of this ideology has always been pro-islamic and anti-nation of their respective natives. E.g. Iran revolution and so called arab spring (trust me all these so called revolutions were not started by mullas, ayotollahs or MB, but by this very ideology and then latter installed the most radical islamists on top, irrespective of the fact the these islamists wiped this pro-islmic ideologies from their respective nations first and then went after their islamic rivals!

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