Engineering college scam in Andhra Pradesh

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    Andhra Pradesh has currently 847 engineering colleges, many provate ones run by politicians and busniessmen, with a mind boggling 400,000 seats of which around 1.2 lakh went empty in 2011. This massive mushrooming of engg colleges started in 2008 as a result of Scheme of Fee-reimbursement started by YSR govt. Until then AP was more or less like TN/Kar/Maha where many private colleges exist along side govt colleges. Under the fee re-imbursement scheme backward class and minority students college fees for professional courses were paid by govt, at one point 5000 crores was being shelled out by the state to private engg colleges annually. As colleges mushroomed with businessmen and politicians rushing to cash in and standards for admission plummetted. A small town like Anantapur ended up with 19 engineering colleges. Apparently now they have B Tech graduates applying for Railway lines man jobs with so many (unemployable as engineers in many cases) engineers running around!

    Found this nice article that is very informative with appropriate data. Read the full article, in two parts.

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