Engineer regiments procuring micro-UAVs

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    Engineer regiments procuring micro-UAVs

    December 7, 2011 | THE TRIBUNE

    Sappers, the first combat elements to enter the battlefield and the last to leave, would soon be getting their very own “eyes in the skies” for faster and safer conduct of operations in a hostile environment.The Army’s engineer regiments are to be equipped with micro-unmanned aerial vehicles (micro-UAVs), something similar in size and shape to the flying gadget developed by engineering student Joy Lobo in the film ‘Three Idiots’.

    Referred to as Aerial Engineer Recce Equipment (AERE), these are stated to be in the process of indigenous development. They would be capable of being remotely operated on a pre-fed way point, transmitting real-time video from high-resolution cameras. They can take off and land vertically, enabling their use in any kind of terrain and space.

    Sappers or combat engineers are responsible for paving the way for offensives through enemy minefields and across other defences and obstacles like bundhs, canals, rivers and ditches. They are also required to lay tracks and build bridges for men and vehicles to negotiate adverse terrain.

    AERE would give the commander and troops on the ground a bird’s eyeview of the lay of the land immediately ahead of them, enabling them to assess the situation and identify the topography most suited for operational requirements. These would also help detect enemy presence and gauge the location and strength of their defences.

    Besides reducing the risk of exposure to troops, AERE would facilitate faster assimilation and dissemination of information, thereby limiting the need for physical and time-consuming manual survey of the area.

    Apart from Sappers, other arms are also planning to induct micro and mini-UAVs for meeting operational requirements. Headquarters Northern Command recently issued a tender for procurement of a limited number of micro-UAVs for deployment in the volatile Northern Sector. The Army is also reported to be in the process of employing about 500 micro and mini-UAVs for tactical surveillance and recce. These are in addition to larger UAVs for long-range operations being procured from indigenous and foreign sources.

    In fact, even police forces and paramilitary organisations and law-enforcement agencies have been evincing interest in procuring micro-UAVs to assist them in maintaining law and order during public rallies, demonstrations, general unrest or to deal with specific situations like terrorist encounters or hostage recovery.

    Engineer regiments procuring micro-UAVs |
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    A little PR for the engineers. Will they share with other arms (infantry, artillery)?

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