Electricity shortfall stands at 6,150 MW

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    LAHORE: The power crisis continues to plague Pakistan as the electricity shortfall has again risen to 6,150 mega watt (MW) from 4,787 MW, Geo News reported Saturday.:taunt::taunt::taunt:

    According to PEPCO sources, electricity generation currently stands at 11,300 MW while the demand is 17,450 MW. The shortfall has attributed to an increase in loadshedding.

    The urban areas are facing up to 10-13 hours of power breakdowns while in the rural areas, the situation is worse with power outages of up to 20 hours.

    The sources told that the powerhouses are experiencing a shortage of oil and gas supply while water reserves are also decreasing that has added to the critical situation. Private power companies are not cooperating in overcoming the shortfall, PEPCO told.

    The sources warned that the crisis will become worse if adequate supply of oil and gas to powerhouses was not resumed.

    Water supply has also been suspended to several areas and the problems faced by the people continue to increase.

    Meanwhile, protests against prolonged power outages continued across the country.

    Electricity shortfall stands at 6,150 MW - geo.tv

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