Effective Strategy to Solve the problem of Terrorism, Pakistan & China

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    I know there a lot of threads running with similar idea but I feel we are still not discussing the whole strategy in long term to establish a permanent solution. I am watching all news since Uri attack and before and have made some my opinions /suggestions whatever you say. As a responsible nationalist, and citizen of India, it's our responsibility to think about our security. There are several questions coming in my mind and I will try to answer based on my perception / limited knowledge. Please feel free to correct me wherever I am not right.


    India since its freedom has faced a lot of challenges and one of them is most critical now a days is national security. While our constitution were taking shape, the peaceful ideology from Mahatma Gandhi became the core of our policy and due to which we ignored several times the realities to maintain our ideal. With Pakistan we have fought four wars and it's still ongoing. We are at verge of another war with Pakistan or more precisely war with terrorism.

    To maintain our peaceful nation image we didn't give much attention to our security, military strength and that lead us to 1962. We didn't learned after that and somewhere that peaceful nation's ideology prevented us to arm us and increase our strength. That peaceful ideology didn't worked in hard realities and despite our goodwill and several attempts to normalize situation we got 1965, 1971, Kargil, Pathankot, Uri and so on. This is never going to end because Pakistan is actively supporting, training, arming them in their land and send to spread terrorism in India. We all talk about solutions but no one talks about permanent solution. How to stop Pakistan to stop terrorism? How to maintain peace for long time is a biggest challenge as we want to develop but Pakistan has become ulcer for us that is slowing us down.

    There are following questions we need to find the answer so we can reach to permanent solution.

    Question - 1:. Why Pakistan so badly want Kashmir?

    Answer: There could be many answer to this. Maybe their politics is based on this concept. Maybe they think Kashmir should be part of Pakistan because it is Muslim majority area. I believe if their politician stopped raising this issue for their vote bank then this could be no problem but their politics runs based on this issue. The party who promise to get Kashmir free wins with high majority.

    Question - 2: Why Pakistan sending terrorist in India continuously. Why can’t Pakistan stop terrorism?

    Answer: After fighting three wars with India, Pakistan realized that it can never get Kashmir by wars hence it started this proxy war where you don't engage in direct confrontation but destabilize your neighbour country. The benefit of this proxy war is, you don’t need to attack them and even if your neighbour country attacks on you get international support being as victim of war. This is the only way to fight with India. India is being known as very responsible state hence it is highly unlikely that India would attack first but now Pakistan has realized that its proxy war can easily turn into full fledge war and world community may not be very helpful. Another reason is the support from China that supplied Pakistan critical technologies. China also supports militarily and Pakistan believes that China would give military support in case of war.

    Question 3: How to stop Pakistan to end this proxy war and stop terrorism?

    Answer: This is a very big question and it can not be solved unless we understand the cause of it. There three factors that are the main cause for Pakistan’s continuous sponsorship to terrorism.

    1. Size: Of Course Pakistan is small country but it generates enough money to fund terrorism. Training and funding terrorist is cheaper than fighting a war. Pakistan’s economy no matter how worse it is but it can sustain the pressure generated by allowing funds to terrorists. If we are looking into permanent solution to this problem then we need to limit Pakistani economy and strength to afford funding terrorism. Sounds aggressive but, breaking Pakistan into small country would solve this purpose. The smaller Pakistan will have small resources, small economy and small army. It would have limited money to either spend on terrorist or on Army and its people.

    2. China: Pakistan has got several friends despite its dirty intentions world know very well. During 1965 & 1971, US was the great allie and recently distanced itself once it’s purpose got solved. China is Pakistan’s new friend and providing all military assets to increase its strength to pose a serious threat to India. Not only China providing critical technologies in very nominal prices but it is also investing heavily in developing infrastructure in Pakistan on the name of CPEC. If war breaks out, China is going to be main problem because history suggests that China is big opportunist. China may increase deployment along LAC or even start infiltrating by realizing the fact that India cannot afford two front war. This would work in their favor and they can claim or occupy Arunachal Pradesh and other reasons. The only solution to this problem is to increase defense, infrastructure along LAC. Additionally, India need to increase its military strength in LAC to thwart any aggression. Deploying effective air defense, advanced bunkers, developing advanced air base would solve this problem. India has already deployed Brahmos cruise missile that is a good move. China is no mad like Pakistan and no matter how important their interest lies in Pakistan but they won’t attack if they know that Indian defense and strength is strong enough to repel any attack and it could lead heavy casualty on Chinese front too.

    3. Tactical Nuclear Weapons: Pakistan has deployed tactical nuclear weapons in battlefield and no matter how bad they are but still they pose a serious threat to Indian army to think many times before going into war. There is no effective solution to tactical nuclear strike and based on Pakistan’s policy, they will try to enlarge the situation to go nuclear as soon as they can. Unless India find some effective solution to this, terrorist attacks like Uri will keep happening. The effective solution can be to achieve air dominance as soon as possible by neutralizing Pakistani air defense. That will allow IAF to scan Pakistani territory to locate tactical nuclear weapon as they are hard to hide. Killing these weapons before they launch is the only solution. Other solution can be to do not enter into Pakistani territory deep that force Pakistan to launch tactical nuclear strike. Instead punch a strike deep into Pakistan and withdraw quickly to let Pakistani counter attack. This would engage in serious battle but that would exhaust more military power of Pakistan without slicing through their territory deep. Alternate solution can be to attack Pakistan on many fronts instead of conventional front. It would be difficult to manage tactical nuclear strike when enemy is coming from multiple directions. Indian army should also focus on increasing its mobility so they can move quicker and faster than enemy anticipate.

    That’s all friends. Let me know your suggestions.

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