Education not the guns bring true empowerment to the people.

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    Would like to share two similar stories here one i already posted some months back about Dr. Shah Faisal.

    Faesal becomes first Kashmiri to top UPSC exam

    and other is......

    Auto driver's son Eamcet topper

    And there is another story of Super 30 IIT coaching center.

    Super 30 IIT-JEE free coaching center in Bihar, Success rate of 100% 3rd consecutive year

    One common thing in above three success stories and many more every yerar, is that its the education that empowering lowest strata of the society but not the ideologically driven gun totting terror groups like maoist which they claims to be.And this is the real empowerment of indians.

    पढ़ेगा इंडिया तो आगे बढेगा इंडिया
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