Edhi held hostage, millions looted from center

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    Edhi held hostage, millions looted from center


    KARACHI: Robbers struck the head office of the Edhi Foundation in the Mithadar area of Karachi where they held all the staff including renowned philanthropist Abdul Sattar Edhi hostage and made away with GOLD, foreign CURRENCY and other valuables worth millions of rupees.

    Eight robbers stormed into the Edhi headquarters around 9:45am and broke into storage lockers that contained five kilograms of gold, foreign and local CURRENCY worth millions of rupees, according to Faisal Edhi who is the son of Abdul Sattar.

    The robbers easily managed to escape from the site after an extended period of looting.

    Abdul Sattar Edhi told Dawn that the looted valuables included deposits made by people.

    "This [dacoity] has never happened before...I have been held up before, but was let go without being looted," Edhi said.

    Sindh Chief Minister Syed Qaim Ali Shah took notice of the incident and ordered police to immediately arrest the culprits behind the incident.

    A First Information Report (FIR) was registered against unknown persons at the Mithadar police station on the complaint of Faisal Edhi.

    The Muttahida Qaumi Movement (MQM) also issued a statement in condemnation of the looting and demanded the immediate arrest of the robbers.

    Edhi held hostage, millions looted from center - Pakistan - DAWN.COM

    This is an unfortunate incident, this foundation is helping the needy in that country !!
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    some jahil paki loosers took inspiration from 'happy new year' trailer and looted the head quarters :lol:
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    Why is a charitable foundation holding liquidity in gold and foreign currency? No faith in Paki Rupee left? If their holdings were in the local currency, they would have kept the money in banks. Maybe Paki Rupee sucks so hard, that people are willing to keep their liquidity to themselves, even if at the risk of getting robbed.
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    Akhand Bharat
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    Pindliyon ka gooda
    No big deal. This is normal Pakistani culture.
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    Exactly my thinking when I read the news first.

    Isn't it foreign exchange violation to hold so much in foreign currency? Or any currency in the black?

    Aren't there banks where the money could have been parked? Or are the banks unreliable too?

    And why would charity work in Pakistan need foreign currency? Is the charity paying its staff/beneficiaries in foreign currency?

    Or does charity work in Pakistan mean just handing out waddles of currency notes, without attempt to improve the living conditions of the poor or empowering them or building infrastructure for the poor?

    And where did all that gold come from? Even if received in donations, shouldn't that be kept in bank lockers, rather than in a vulnerable office office in a city known to be so very crime ridden?

    And if a reputed/established charity of such a standing is doing this, what would be the others/many fronts for terrorists doing? And what would be the size of their hoards?

    Will Pakistani govt ask all charities to comply with monetary regulations now on? Especially the Hafeez Sayeed variety?

    Lastly, I have a strong suspicion the looters were just doing a job paid for by some insiders who had full knowledge of the hoard.

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