Durand Line is a Symbol of Slavery for Baloch and Pashtun Nations

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    Baloch Pro-freedom Leader Hyrbyair Marri in a statement from London to The Afghan Tribune said that Durand Line is a symbol of slavery and misery for Baloch and Pashtun nations. The national survival of both brotherly nations lays in erasing the Durand Line and reintegrating their historical lands.

    He said the former president of Afghanistan Mr. Hamid Karzai’s statement on behalf of Afghan nation rejecting the Durand Line is not only a positive gesture but it also shows the Afghan people are realizing that the Durand Line was an evil design to divide the Afghan nation’s collective power. Pakistan army through its religious extremist Jihadist groups wants to keep Afghanistan in a perpetual civil war and divert the attention of Pashtun nation away from the Durand Line.

    It is a historical fact that when Henry Mortimer Durand, the Foreign Secretary of British India, drew this artificial Line and divided the Afghan nation, from that very first day the brave and courageous Pashtun nation rejected this artificial boundary and on many occasions there were clashes between Pashtuns and British India on this matter.

    On 26 July 1949 the Afghan ruler Zahir Shah held a Loya Jirga ‘Grand Assembly’ of Afghan People which unanimously declared that it recognized “neither the imaginary Durand nor any similar lines” and that all previous Durand Line agreements were void. It proves that this artificial and unnatural division has no legal importance hence the International Community should ratify their previous mistakes and help the just struggle of Baloch and Pashtun nations against Pakistan.

    Hyrbyair Marri said even today raising voice against this controversial border is a positive step adding that, “The Pashtuns living in Balochistan and Pakhtunistan should establish brotherly relations with Baloch nations and unify their collective power against the occupying state Pakistan to strengthen the struggle against occupation and colonisation because “the artificial border that Pakistan is using to impose its occupation on us is a symbol of slavery for Baloch and Pashtun nations.”

    The Baloch pro-freedom leader appealed to the Pashtun patriotic parties, “Today our issue is not petty incentives such as asking for a road, school, college or water supply but the main issue is our national survival and to preserve our national identity. The state of Pakistan through its colonial deceitfulness is trying pit the Baloch and Pashtun against each other for insignificant administrative issues to divert our attention from the national issue.”

    He said that if Baloch and Pashtun nations unite against Pakistani occupation and regain their freedom then they can built hundreds of colleges and universities on Baloch and Pashtun lands and both nations can become a prosperous and peaceful country in world. Some pseudo Baloch and Pashtun leaders who are working for occupying state of Pakistan are trying to make Baloch and Pashtun fight against each other in name of colleges and hostel accommodations. “They want us to keep fighting against each other on such petty issues and forget the occupation and struggle against occupying state.”

    Hyrbyair Marri said that Pakistan was misleading the world and playing a bloody game in the name of negotiations with the Taliban. He added, “Pakistan is a breeding ground and a safe haven for Jihadists groups and the main cause of instability in Afghanistan is Pakistan because it continues to give succour and support to religious extremists to continue the war in Afghanistan.

    “Pakistan has created an environment of direct panic and terror in Balochistan and it is interfering in Afghanistan indirectly. The daily routine of indiscriminate bombardment and dumping of mutilated bodies cannot stop as long as Pakistan exists on the world map as an occupying state.”

    He said that the Pashtun nationalists should understand the real consequences of Durand Line and main cause of destabilisation of Afghanistan and unite to struggle against this unnatural state of Pakistan. The politics of petty incentives cannot guarantee the national survival of nations. “Indulging in administrative politics within the framework of Pakistan and Punjab is tantamount to giving your nation a wrong direction which has no future.”

    He said the genuine Afghan patriots should represent the true aspirations of Afghan nation and raise voice against this imaginary division, and work for the reunification of historical areas of Afghanistan. “Baloch nation will fully support the struggle of Afghanistan on moral and humanitarian grounds,” he added.

    Mr Marri said that Baloch and Pashtun nations should revive their hundreds of years old treaties and like ASEAN countries and European Union; they should expand their treaties of unity to other nations so that the Baloch and Pashtun territories become an example of peace, prosperity and stability in the region. “Baloch and Pashtun nations should have mutual treaties like our forefathers had because it can help us to resolve our minor internal problems.”

    He reiterated that if the Pashtuns living in Balochistan want to live in Independent Balochistan with the Baloch under a union they can do so or if they want to live with Afghanistan they are entirely free to decide about their future, there will be no pressure on them from the Baloch nation.


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    Durand Line is a border drawn by the Britishs during the Great Game against Russians to defend the Raj against a possible invasion from Central Asia. At that time Afghanistan's boundaries had been suited for the international geopolitics needs. But for today's reality no.

    Russian Empire/USSR dont yet exists. Russia has now all Central Asia separating it from either Iran, Afghanistan, India, or any other country that British had think Czarist Russians can invade. And India today isn't more a neighbour of Afghanistan. Any invader coming from Central Asia should before arrive India to pass by Pakistan, what would be hard.

    So Durand Line was drawn for a political reality that no more exists, and should change.
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    India should provide every help to pashtun and baluch militias including weapons and financing.
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    @Yusuf This reminds me of something that Abdul Haq, a Muj leader said in 1989, "How is that we Afghans, who never lost a war, must take military instructions from the Pakistanis, who never won one?"
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