DRDO’s F-INSAS programme to be ready in two years

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    DRDO’s F-INSAS programme to be ready in two years

    PUNE: The ambitious Futuristic Infantry Soldier As a System (F-INSAS) programme of the Defence Research and Development Organisation (DRDO) aimed to equip the Infantry with state-of-the-art equipment for greater success in combat with minimal loss, will be ready for trials in two years.

    "F-INSAS has been taken up to equip Indian infantry with advanced weaponry, communication network and instant access to information on the battlefield. Numerous DRDO labs are working on the system. Pune-based lab Armament Research and Development Establishment (ARDE) is developing the futuristic weapon system," distinguished scientist and Chief Controller R&D Dr S Sundaresh told Sakal Times.

    He was in the city to attend the International Robotic Conference held at the city-based DRDO laboratory Research and Development Establishment (Engineers) in Dighi.

    "The infantry soldiers will be equipped with modular weapon systems that will have multi-functions. The core systems include bullet proof helmet and visor. The bullet proof helmet is an integrated assembly equipped with helmet mounted flash light, thermal sensors and night vision device, miniature computer with audio headsets," Dr Sundaresh said.

    The personal clothing of this soldier of the future would be lightweight with a bullet-proof jacket. The futuristic jacket would be waterproof, yet it would be possible to breathe. The new attire will enable the troops to carry extra load and resist the impact of nuclear, chemical and biological warfare.

    The new uniform will have vests with sensors to monitor the soldier's health parameters and provide quick medical relief.

    The weapons sub-system is built around a multi calibre individual weapon system with the fourth calibre attached to a grenade launcher. These include a 5.56 mm, a 7.62 mm and a new 6.8 mm under development for the first time in India. "We have developed most of the systems. It will take us another two years demonstrate the integrated system. We are hopeful of a successful demonstration that would translate into orders from the user," he said.

    The DRDO official said that the Armed Forces are looking at our product as well as those available in the foreign market. The technology is almost on par with that in the international market.

    "These are designed to suit our soldiers' needs. This will help generate local business and employment as lot of private companies are also involved," Dr Sundaresh said.


    DRDO’s F-INSAS programme to be ready in two years | Sakal Times
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    I guess this will end up being F-INSAS...

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    Felin won't end up being adapted as FINSAS since the Rifles have to be multi-cal, the sights being used in FELIN are something IA will not adapt since they are far too big and will hardly work in some of the harshest conditions. IA in its doctrine has always chosen to keep its soldiers to be light, agile. Felin is at the border line of being clumsy. Felin is ok for a country like France which hardly has any serious threats or very extreme conditions. FINSAS will have be an indigenous solution, made for Indian and subcontinental extreme conditions.

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