DRDO seeks Rs 1.75 lakh cr in 12th Plan period

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    are you kidding me ?


    The Defence Research and Development Organisation says it needs Rs 1.75 lakh crore in the 12th Plan period. It wants to diversify projects to increase contribution to the defence research of the country.

    For the short term, the premier defence research body has identified five major focus areas – aeronautics, missiles, electronics, computer sciences and naval systems. It has prepared a ‘blueprint’ for its growth plans for 2012-17.

    For 2012-13 the organisation, with a string of around 50 national laboratories, received an allocation of Rs 10,600 crore. This amounts to just around 5.5 per cent of the defence budget.

    According to officials in the Defence Ministry, the research organisation had sought at least Rs 14,000 crore, which would be around 6-7 per cent of the defence budget. In comparison, Israel and the US spend around 16 per cent of their defence budget on research and development. Though the allocation for the current budget is a slight increase over last year’s allocation, in absolute terms it will be less, because the defence budget was bolstered substantially later in 2011-12. Ideally defence research should be getting 7-8 per cent of the defence budget.

    There is need to invest more funds in basic research infrastructure and cutting edge technology development. At present major portions of the apex body’s budget goes towards salaries, strategic projects etc, leaving little for fundamental research and infrastructure.

    The ‘blueprint’ has addressed these issues and identified the new areas of focus that will push up the efficiency of national labs. The DRDO says it needs at least 3,000 scientists in the next five years. However, given the economic conditions, the Government has given the go ahead for about 425 vacancies.

    With attrition down in the last few years, the attractive pay structure and challenging projects are drawing bright youngsters to the laboratories. The challenge for the organisation would be to retain these qualified scientists in the long term and create the right environment for them to work, the officials said.

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    Actually, for development of basic technology-like advanced materials for hot chamber in jet engines, reasonably advanced fabs for fabricating microprocessors for use in seekers, and many other projects , this is not really a very exorbitant amount of money. Technology development does not come cheap, nor is it an instant 2 minute recipe. If you want to develop world class technology, be prepared to spend world level money. We do not hesitate to empty buckets for foreign maal now do we? FGFA set us back by 30 billion dollars, MRCA is worth another 10 billion (can go up to as high as 20 billion, taking to account the recent rupee devaluation). God knows how much the associated weapons deal is worth. If we spend even a small fraction of that money in indigenous technology, what is the problem? Besides, the money will be spent over a period of many years, and the money will stay within the country.
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    DRDO deserve this money, their budget is just merely $2 Billion now and we expect them to do wonders but if we want world class products within specified time frame we should be ready to churn out some money and $7 Billion is not much to ask for.
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    DRDO want the $35 billion which is almost twice the revenue of BAE systems or equivalent of Lockheed Martin (largest weapons developer in the world). Who died and left them a fortune. :wacko:
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    If we Indians want to survive in future we need home made weapons, And research centers for advance studies..


    Infrastructure development will take 70% of this budget..

    Improvement of home industry will attract new generation of Indian brains and there use in Indian cause..
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