DRDO Flags Spyware Threat on Imported Arms

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    By Express News Service - NEW DELHI Published: 08th February 2014 07:40 AM Last Updated: 08th February 2014 12:05 PM

    Defence Research and Development Organisation (DRDO) chief Avinash Chander on Friday warned that India had no capability to detect and check malware or snooping virus in software programs that come with foreign weapon systems bought by the Indian armed forces. At a press conference on the sidelines of Defexpo 2014 here, the DRDO chief said it was imperative that India’s critical defence systems are capable enough to beat malware from not-so-secure systems during interface.

    “It is very difficult to assess in an integrated system whether there is malware. Nobody is giving you the source code for all the equipment which is there,” Chander said when asked if India had the capability to check for snooping software in military systems bought from abroad. “That challenge will remain and we will have to see what level of assessment can be done,” he added.

    India is the world’s largest importer of arms, with nearly Rs. 60,000 crore worth equipment bought from foreign sources in the last five years, according to international think-tank SIPRI. The DRDO warning comes amid fears over Chinese parts making their way into military planes supplied by US to India in the recent years that may contain malware for snooping.

    DRDO Flags Spyware Threat on Imported Arms - The New Indian Express

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