DRDO aims for 6th sense

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    DRDO aims for 6th sense

    BANGALORE: If the Defence Research and Development Organisation (DRDO) succeeds in developing this gen-next technology, then not only will we have efficient network centric infantrymen guarding our borders but also well informed secret agents who will be masters in espionage and intelligence gathering.The technology, at a nascent stage of development, is the Cognitive Technology Threat Warning System — an artificial cognitive science programme designed to analyse sensory data and alert foot soldiers against any possible threat, passive or direct, says scientific advisor to defence minister VK Saraswat.

    Saraswat says that to study cognitive behaviour, DRDO has laid a lot of stress especially in the R&D, apart from initiating efforts to sensitise academicians and students.

    "Imagine a situation when a person comes and talks to you and one can sense what is in his mind. This will help a great deal when it comes to political espionage and army intelligence gathering,” he said.

    Other countries have already started working on this technology and this being a very complex science, India is still in the primary stage of its development. “Since a variety of situations have to be analysed, it is a complex technology and will take time. May be 50 years from now, we can come out with one such technology,” he said. The US department of defence is already working on it, Saraswat added.

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    OK, this is a perfect example of DRDO waisting its time. Let the university psychology departments work on it. There are too many unfinished products they have to complete before this nonsense.
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    Yeah nice DRDO they cant even create or manufacture a proper standard rifle for indian army(INSAS is a failure) and not to mention the MBT's it is a mess.
    For the DRDO people: It is good to always think ahead.Lets first get the staff of DRDO to pump up,replace the rusted useless guys and finish the projects that are running for more than 15 years ,then you can think about the future.
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    what a senseless decision to develop sixth sense technology without finishing their incomplete projects. Indian government should cut down their salaries for unsuccessful development of missiles or kick them out of DRDO and hire younger, energetic scientists.
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    i accept your stance in this!

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